Whirlwind tour of java atomic package

With the introduction of java.util.concurrent.atomic package in Java SE 5, java exposed CAS (Compare and Swap) to the developers. In this post I will try to expound an overall organization of the classes and few insights into the implementation. Since the Atomic implementations use CAS in a loop to perform updates, they out perform lock […]

Java Memory Model – A Programmer’s Perspective

Though writing is not my forte, below is an attempt to provide a succinct description of esoteric topic Java Memory Model. Deeper understanding of JMM is crucial for writing functionally correct concurrent programs in java. Java language specification allows re-ordering of the code, if the shuffled code obeys as-if-serial semantics in a single thread context, […]

Registering for Voter ID card online – Step by Step

The next assembly election is approaching fast and the election campaigns by various parties have already started in India. Though all of us understand the importance of casting our votes; the voting turn-out remains very low for most part of the country. One of the main reasons behind this low turnout is the availability of […]

Useful HTML5 Features which eliminate the need of JavaScript

JavaScript has always been used to provide additional functionalities in websites. It makes web pages more user-friendly and helps in creating powerful website designs. Whether you want to create a stunning user interface, navigation, form-validation, asynchronous data transfer or some other design feature, you just need to write a few lines of JavaScript codes. However, […]